Welcome to the Trackit Education website

A Software as a Service (SAAS) solution designed specifically for tracking student competencies.

Trusted. Intuitive. Insightful.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Set up and Use

Designed by educators for educators, Trackit Education has been built with modern web tools for an intuitive look and feel, making it easy to use.

Permanent Portfolio

A student's achievement record containing supporting documents and videos are retained to form a portfolio of work for later reference and referral.


Assessors and teachers are able to leave comments when signing off on a competency, or if declined, provide feedback on what can be improved.

Resource Rich

Access a rich, curated library of competencies and associated resources, or easily build your own using student recommended resources and examples.

Improved Compliance

When signing off a competency, full audit logs are retained to improve visibility and compliance with accreditation bodies.

Remote Assessment

Teachers are able to remotely assess a student's proficiency through reviewing supporting documentation and video evidence.

Cloud Based

Hosted with Microsoft Azure, student data is held safely and securely preventing loss with no on-site IT support required.


Multiple levels within each competency are definable allowing students to follow a staged process to acquiring new competencies.


Monitor the progress of all students as they work towards earning their qualification. Review each student's proficiency before a lesson to identify areas of concern.

Trackit Education is not only great for our students but also for our teachers and administration staff, who can track student progress throughout the year across all skills.

Dr Weston Massey University